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Manifold x College Admissions
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about 22 hours ago

Don't have much time to work on this sadly. Still need to figure out the Autofold automation library.

In the far far future, I would like to create a no-code bot interface to help people like Zvi. Although the AI stuff seems a bit too complex.



28 days ago

Progress update

What progress have you made since your last update?

I am prioritizing the trading bot guide, and targeting people interested in quant. I feel like this has great potential to be successful since Manifold uses play money and has a great community, which is good for people new to quant.

What are your next steps?

Changing my trading bot guide to use https://github.com/willjallen/AutoFold since it has more features and is more complete. I am familiarizing myself with the API in order to make contributions.

Is there anything others could help you with?

If willjallen would like to join my project, I am more than welcome to share funding.