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Sophia Pung


Hey! I'm a 19 year old who moved from Minneapolis to Berkeley and am currently a full-stack developer.

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About Me

I spent the past year completing a coding bootcamp (Techtonica), interning at Indeed as a full-stack developer, and engaging with the AI safety, and Effective Altruism communities at UC Berkeley. I love chessboxing, biking, and board games (Coup, Polytopia, bughouse, codenames and more!). I plan to study nanoengineering and to use my career to develop nanosensors to map chemical and electrical signals in the brain to better track mental illness.



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Sophia Pung

5 months ago

Thank you Austin!! I look forward to sharing results, thank you for funding my work.

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Sophia Pung

5 months ago

Hi Rachel, this is all really helpful advice. I will incorporate this into future funding requests that I make both here- and for other applications.

  • I will use keyboard shortcuts next time I create a post to highlight important details.

  • Here is the page from Solar4Africa (I was working on Project #3- that specifically highlights the connection between the software and the hardware).

    Project Description: Solar4Africa.org distributes small solar cars in rural Malawi and subsidizes rural villages which lease the vehicles and use them for local transportation services.  To collect donations to help subsidize solar car use, data on vehicle use and operation needs to be collected, preferably in real time.

    It is therefore desirable to have a cell phone that can be placed in the vehicle that can collect location and usage data in Malawi and that can be periodically called from the US for data downloads.

    Project Tasks: Given an unlocked android phone, the phone needs to be configured and/or programmed to continuously collect and store location data. Develop software with appropriate security features that allows the phone to be called to initiate and execute a data download. The solution cannot assume a regular internet connection or continuous cell service for the location monitoring phone. The solution should minimize cost, maximize simplicity, and should not assume availability or access to specific third-party software.

  • Thank you both for you support and I will post an update with project progress and the app demo once complete. I look forward to continue working on this project!