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about 2 months ago

We've had 15k unique visitors in the past 30 days, but I think that number doesn't say much about the longer term. We've recently been focusing on reworking the front page and improving the content, without making an effort to draw more attention to the site other than through some link posts like this, but we're now starting to promote it more with a "soft launch" announcement (not counted in the 15k) to LessWrong and the EA Forum, to be followed by a "hard launch" with a video addressed at Rob's large YouTube audience.

Other examples of ways in which the site will be visible are our collaborations with, the Campaign for AI Safety, and two others to come, as well as probably a mention in a Vox article soon.

We have an article on our goals and an article on our theory of change. I don't know enough about the strategy behind Rob's YouTube channel to compare it to, but it seems like the latter might have advantages in e.g. more easily creating content on a wide variety of topics, adding a lot of links to the most relevant resources, and catering to people who prefer text to video.