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about 1 month ago

I created an application for this. You can see a screenshot below. Supports essential features - e.g. allows logging predictions.

Thanks to Isaac King for allowing me to build this project on top of his code-base, it allowed me to get started. He deserves a portion of the Shapley value.

You can get the code here. (It might require a bit of fiddling around to make it work due to some files being in .gitignore, though.)

The bad news: I have not hosted it anywhere. (I lack the knowledge and, currently, the spoons. I'd very much appreciate it if someone else would do that, but I don't expect that to happen.) Thought I'd still share the update.



2 months ago


  • I have a demo with basic functionalities up.

  • I realize that I asked for way too much funding - this was much easier to create than I expected. (Not sure what to do with the post now.)

Will give a more substantive update a bit later.