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1 day ago

I think Michael's podcast (and sometimes "not a podcast") episodes are fantastic. The Inside view (Michael's podcast), Dwarkesh's podcast, and the MLST (Machine learning street talk) are my go-to AI-related podcasts and the selection of guests that Michael brings is impressive, with a good focus on AI-safety researchers.

I've personally listened to a lot of his episodes, almost all released in 2022 and 2023, and I've recommended a fair amount of them to others - they're quite well done (such as the recent episode with Evan Hubinger - really good).

I don't think it's the production quality that's the barrier for youtube views which @Austin points out below, but more to do with marketing, and I'd recommend reaching out to more established people in the podcasting world for figuring that out.

I'm going to donate a token $500 and hope others can help fund Michael more, the work he's doing is great and quite impactful (especially for people in the early stages of an AI safety career).