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Sebastian Contin Trillo-Figueroa


Sebastian, a geopolitics analyst specializing in EU-Asia relations, serves as a consultant for both public and private sector organizations, notably think tanks.
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About Me

Over two decades, he successfully managed the complexities of European law, politics, and institutions, complemented by elected positions in political office.

Sebastian’s research consistently contributes to prominent publications, including China-US Focus, AsiaGlobal Online (University of Hong Kong), and the South China Morning Post. His scholarly work on Sino-European relations, comprising chapters and articles, has been featured on platforms such as Routledge Politics, IR and Strategic Studies (Taylor & Francis), LSE EUROPP, The Diplomat, Lexology, The Loop, and Pandaily, among others.

His expertise covers geopolitics, Sino-European relations, great power competition, and critical raw materials. His dedicated focus is on cultivating growth and synergy between Asia and the EU, acknowledging the far-reaching implications for the global stage. Currently, his research at the University of Hong Kong envisions the EU playing a crucial role as a peace balancer, adeptly navigating the dynamics between the US and China.

Sebastian, as a bachelor in law, also holds two master’s degrees, one in commercial law and another in EU law and institutions from the College of Europe (Belgium). He is also an alumnus of the IESE Business School’s leadership program for public management, and he is fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Italian.