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Jason M. Kingdon has a notable background focused on US-China relations and Chinese-American community advocacy. As a member of the Committee of 100 since May 2023, Kingdon works towards promoting the full participation of Chinese Americans in American society and fostering constructive dialogue between the United States and Greater China. His involvement in the China Institute Next Gen x Serica (CINGS) as its co-founder in May 2019 further underscores his commitment to strengthening Sino-US ties. Through CINGS, he contributes to dialogues, seminars, and cultural events aimed at convening young leaders for future changemaking in the bilateral relationship. Kingdon's educational experiences, including his time at Tsinghua University in 2015 as part of an exchange program, have enriched his understanding of Chinese culture and business practices, complementing his professional endeavors in building cross-cultural bridges.

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