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Allison Duettmann is the president and CEO of Foresight Institute, a leading San Francisco research organization founded in 1986 to advance frontier technology for the benefit of life. She directs the institute’s biotechnology, nanotechnology, neurotechnology, and AI fellowships, prizes, and technology trees, and shares this work with the public. She founded, co-edited Superintelligence: Coordination & Strategy, co-authored Gaming the Future, and co-initiated Foresight's AI Safety Grant Program, The Norm Hardy Prize for Computer Security, and The Longevity Prize. She advises companies and projects, such as Cosmica and The Roots of Progress Fellowship, and is on the Biomarker of Aging Consortium Steering Committee. She holds an MS in Philosophy & Public Policy from the London School of Economics, focusing on AI safety. Bio and selected appearances: More active on
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